A Week of Firsts

So, earlier on in the week I posted that I’d had my first bath since the girls were born 15 months ago. And yes, I have been showering meanwhile!

Timehop reminded me of the first time I’d taken the girls out on my own this time a year ago.

My goodness, it felt like such an achievement. I remember racing out of my Close before any of my lovely neighbours could speak to me, as I literally had less than an hour to be out and back again to keep on our feed schedule.  If I didn’t keep to time, I’d be up ridiculously late giving their last night feed.

I so desperately wanted to be out moving, feeling fresh air, that stopping and chatting wasn’t on my agenda. Though walking around with triplets seems to be a conversation starter 🤷‍♀️ I wanted to see the world: well, New Hall Country Valley or possibly Walmley.

The Things People Say

It was on one of these whirlwind bids for freedom that I got my first properly offensive comment about having multiples. A woman of rather masculine stature, with a liking for body art, served me in my local pub. Yes, things were that desperate I bought myself a lime & soda from The Fox in Walmley. But I was out of the house: I was celebrating.

As I turned my back to walk outside, she said loudly, and in all seriousness: “FFS, that would be your worst nightmare wouldn’t it”.

Maybe a nightmare to you my love, I thought. Now, please excuse the cheese, but to me: yep, you guessed it – a dream come true. Seriously, a dream come true. Though in all honesty ‘a dream come true’ wasn’t my first thought at that 7 week Scan when we first found out we were having triplets, but that’s another story.

I chose not to reply to this woman because what she thought simply doesn’t matter to me and I don’t want to unnecessarily engage in negativity. Her choice to comment audibly as she did was a reflection on her, not me.

It was also the first time that I got called a Hero, by a nice lady out with her toddler: what a kind thing to say. It made me glad I had made the humongous effort it took to get out and see other humans, and the sky. I wanted to see the sky.

Baby Routine x 3

Any parent knows that routine is important when looking after Baby, but when you have multiples maintaining order is about keeping your sanity intact. In those early days, a knock on the door, or an unexpected visitor just ‘popping in’, could mean falling behind schedule, particularly as we had various medications to administer, over and above the milk production. I was worried to miss a thing.

And woe betide a triplet mummy falling behind schedule. Our routine was like a well oiled machine. Everything was recorded, from milk consumption to poop expulsion: a legacy from our lengthy hospital residency. A veteran of the Neonatal hospital system knows that the first thing a doctor will ask is  ‘when did they last take a wet or a poop’. We were always prepared to answer this question.

One false move in our routine could mean the last feed being at silly o clock when it took upwards of 2 hours to complete one feed cycle. The discovery of prop pillows for feeding was a revelation!

Facebook group

I’ve mentioned before that I have met a group of wonderful women via the UK multiples mummies group. The mummies in this group provide a vital source of advice and support to each other. Women that have been there and done it can help us newbies to the world of parenting multiples. And there is a Daddy and Grandparents group too.

The Midlands Collective

This week the Midlands collective of triplet mummies met up for the first time without our children. We savoured the treat of being catered for, plus cocktails and a good old natter. What a joy: I have joined a truly special club.

We have our next treat planned in April when multiples mummies from across the UK will come together in Edinburgh: slightly excited! Is Edinburgh ready for us?

So whilst this may be the first child free meeting with the Midlands Collective, one thing is for sure – it will be the first of many meetings to come.

This has been a week and year of firsts: the firsts of many.

5 thoughts on “A Week of Firsts

  1. Hi,
    I was totally captivated by your extraordinary story and especially the fact that you conceived all your babies naturally after all those years of infertility and struggle. I have 7 grown children and always wanted to be a mother like you did. Keep building your core. You are amazing unicorn nummy.

    1. Thank you for your lovely message Rosemary. We conceived Felix naturally. The girls were the first time ivf worked for us. We are so very relieved to have achieved our dream of becoming parents. I still pinch myself several times a day that our dream came true 😊

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