Premature Birth

Happy Due Date Unicorn Babies!

The Due Date

In general none of us take much notice of due dates.  On average only four percent of babies actually arrive on their 40 week due date (according to various Baby experts). My son arrived at 42+2.

For us multiple mommas we have another date – the ‘in between’ date that we all hope we can get to. In that sense the due date in our maternity notes becomes pretty pointless, as we know we will not reach it. My ‘in between’ date was set for 34+2 weeks gestation – unfortunately we didn’t reach it, but that’s another story.

Happy Due Date

Today feels significant to me. My girls birthday is October 15th, their due date December 28th. It illustrates the vast difference between the average gestation of 40 weeks and my girls arrival, 11 weeks earlier: 13 weeks earlier than their brother! As a parent to premature babies, it represents their incredible achievements in their short lives. It also feels reassuring that today they are physically 12 months old and stronger.

December 28th is also the anniversary of the day that we brought all of our babies home from hospital after their birth and a very long 11 weeks initial stay. There are many reasons to celebrate today.

Our babies can have two celebrations to acknowledge how special they are: a very Happy Birthday followed by a super Due Date. It is also another way for us to let them know that they are anything but average.

We love you girls xxx

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